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Perfumes que contienen nota de fragancia - Hoja de Lantana | Perfil olfativo:aroma delicado, parecido a la verbena, relacionado con la verbena cítrica
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Scientific name: Lantana camara Local names: Lantana, shrub verbena, verbena, wild sage, red sage, Spanish flag Plant parts used: Whole plant, leaves Butterflies are said to love lantana flowers, and shrubs always attract hordes of them when they are in bloom. The common lantana is an evergreen shrub from the tropics. The species will grow to 6 feet tall and can grow up to 8 feet in width with some varieties able to climb vines as supports to greater heights using a support. The stems are square in profile, with small prickles. The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs. They are broadly oval, rough with short hairs, with finely toothed edges. When crushed, they give off a strong and spicy smell. The flowers are a mixture of cream, pink or orange with many small rounded heads, often two-tone, yellow and red. The fruits are fleshy berries in clusters, green turning black. Lantana species are widely distributed weeds in warm climates. Lantana camara is toxic to stocks and humans. This plant is very attractive due to its flowers and used in a decorative way. However, the Lantana camera is considered an invasive species in many tropical and subtropical areas. As an invasive species, it has the potential to thrive well and cover large areas in Australia, India and Africa. Birds contribute to its spread by ingesting and then dispersing the seeds. In Australia it is a weed of national importance and continuously controlled and destroyed. ESSENTIAL OIL The main constituents of essential oil are caryophyllene 34. 79 percent, geranyl acetate 22. 12 percent, terpinyl acetate 5. 84 percent, bornyl acetate 4. 13 percent and D-limonene 2. 27 percent. Forty-one components are present, which make up 93. 25 percent of the oil. Extraction method - Steam distillation of the leaves Coherence - Light Strength of aroma - Strong woody undertone, almost basil aroma Pairs well with - Bergamot, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Jasmine Color - Pale yellow to yellow liquid USES Lantana oil is used in the treatment of skin, itching, as an antiseptic for wounds. In leprosy and scabies, decoctions have been applied externally. The leaves are used to treat cuts, rheumatism, ulcers, catarrhal infections, tetanus, rheumatism, malaria, cancer, chickenpox, asthma, ulcers, swelling, eczema, tumors and high blood pressure. L. camara is one of the most poisonous plants known to date. However, toxicity only occurs on consumption of a large amount of plant material.