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Actinidia deliciosa | Fruits, Vegetables And Nuts
Perfumes que contienen nota de fragancia - Kiwi | Perfil olfativo:una nota afrutada tropical agridulce.
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The kiwi is an edible berry from the woody vine known as Actinidia deliciosa. This kiwi is oval, coated with a fibrous brown skin, with bright green or golden flesh. The juicy green pulp bears tiny black seeds. Kiwifruit is cultivated for its sweet and refreshing flavor as well as for its nutritional benefits. Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C and is a good source of flavonoid antioxidants. The plant is native to China, and it was even called Chinese gooseberry, until the 1950s. The name Kiwi was chosen solely for export marketing reasons and it refers to the kiwi bird - a flightless brown bird and the national symbol of New Zealand.